Campbell’s is going green. Or are they….?

I noticed these new “Earth Day” Campbell’s Soup cans on a recent visit to Wal-Mart. I was following the PSP captain as he took me through the store pointing out every sustainable product. He and I both did a double take at the Campbell’s display. We picked up the product, examined it, and then drew the same conclusions as this blog.

Campbell’s Soup has special green cans now because their soup is condensed and the can is 100% recyclable.

That’s super, Mr. Campbell. But both of those things have been true since 1897 (according to their website). So before you go ahead and Earth Day yourself, why don’t you come up with a NEW innovation to help the planet. One that hasn’t been around since before the birth of time.

It’s actions like these, my chicken-noodled friend, that give green marketing a bad name. A name we all know as Greenwashing.


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